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Minnesota Tow truck insurance is something quite different compared to personal auto insurance.  Tow truck owners are required by the state to carry liability insurance.  Just as you need proper insurance coverage for your vehicle, a boom-truck, wheel lift or flatbed tow truck needs a special set of coverages.  One different type of coverage usually found on a tow truck insurance policy is “On Hook Coverage.” Searching for Tow Truck Insurance Cost Minnesota?

If you are searching for affordable tow truck insurance costs, you have found the right source.  Minnesota Tow Truck provides quality insurance coverage for tow truck drivers and businesses.  And of course, it costs you absolutely nothing to get a free insurance quote. 

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On-Hook Insurance For Tow Trucks

On-Hook Towing insurance will cover repair or replacement to damaged vehicles you do not own if it is damaged by a collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism while you are towing or hauling them. Simply stated, on-hook coverage for tow trucks offers coverage for damages to vehicles being towed.

Commercial Towing Insurance Program

Liability insurance for tow trucks is quite common coverage found in a policy.  Liability will provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage to any third party.  Another common coverage option is comprehensive coverage and collision.  Think of comprehensive and collision as full coverage tow truck insurance.

A tow truck insurance policy will also normally include liability coverage for personal and property damage and personal injury protection. In addition, the tow truck insurance will also provide collision and comprehensive coverage such as fire and theft. Coverage options vary by company, and so you need to make sure that you review these options carefully with your licensed insurance professional.

Tow Truck Certificate of Insurance

When renewing or applying for tow truck registration, most states will require an insurance policy that indicates certain limits of insurance coverage.  These limits vary from state to state but typically require liability and on-hook coverage.

Evidence, or proof, of insurance, is requested in the form of a certificate of insurance for tow trucks.  A certificate of insurance is a single-page document that outlines coverage’s found on a policy.  The state will usually request to be listed as a certificate holder.  Below is an example of a Minnesota Certificate of Liability Insurance from the Minnesota Secretary of State.


In the state of Minnesota, minimum limits of insurance for tow trucks are:

  • Automobile liability — $300,000 combined single limit
  • Garage liability — $300,000 combined single
  • On-hook coverages — $25,000
  • Garagekeepers — $25,000

Tow Truck Insurance Cost

There are many factors that exist when an insurance company determines a tow truck insurance premium.  Usually, rates are determined by state and specific territory.  Other factors that make up your tow truck insurance quote include:


  • Type of tow trucks.  There are many types of tow trucks an insurance company will insure such as wheel-lift, wrecker, rollback, flatbed, auto transporter, etc.  The higher the value, for example, the higher collision and comprehensive coverage will cost.
  • Nature of operations.  A tow truck company that specializes in the repo, repossession, work is obviously more susceptible to risk and will pay a higher premium than others.
  • Driver details.  Just like personal car insurance, insurance carriers for tow trucks like to see a reasonable number of drivers in a certain age range, experience, and favorable MVR, or motor vehicle record.  Tow truck drivers with a bad driving record still qualify for tow truck insurance, just at slightly higher rates.
  • Loss runs.  Think of loss runs as an insurance history record for a business.  Any prior losses, usually from 3-5 years, will show on a tow truck company’s loss runs.

Get Cheap Tow Truck Insurance

Do not think you have to sacrifice coverage to save money on tow truck insurance.  There are a handful of easy ways to save money on your tow truck insurance costs.  Read more about that here: Your Guide to Getting Cheap Tow Truck Insurance

How to Compare Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance Quotes

Finding an affordable, yet adequate tow truck insurance quote is not as difficult as you may think.  Our agents understand the towing industry and are knowledgeable in local, state, and federal insurance requirements.  Minnesota Tow Truck is a leading provider of tow truck insurance in Minnesota.  Same-day quotes are available over the phone at 952-469-0425 or complete our online form.

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