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The towing industry comes with hundreds of risks and threats. Therefore, special coverage is necessary to help you find your way during emergencies. A tow truck helps towing damaged vehicles to the service centers. But, who knows that your truck won’t face any issues in the middle of the road? Tow truck insurance in North Dakota can help protect you from unseen shortcomings. Hence, a reliable tow truck insurance provider can help you with the benefits of protecting your rigs. Over the last few years, the rates have drastically increased. 

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Tow truck insurance company in Minnesota

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Towing insurance is a must-have to prevent your business from major losses. Although the tow truck insurance is useful for tow truck drivers, other business owners can expect advantages from this policy (auto salvage, auction haulers, and auto club contractors).

Types of tow truck insurance coverages

Tow truck drivers and business owners face multiple challenges every time their truck sustains any damage. Insurance coverage works as an umbrella and protects the owner and the driver from major liabilities. Besides, it will safeguard your vehicle on and off-road.

We have expert professionals solely dealing with tow truck insurance policies. Depending upon your requirement, they will recommend the best policy for maximum coverage. Nevertheless, these are a few types of coverage you get from a reputed tow truck insurance company in North Dakota.

Primary liability coverage

It is ideal for someone who is into the tow truck business. Primary liability will cover you if your truck damages any property. Besides, it also covers any physical damage. You will get medical expenses for the passenger during the accident and you.

Physical Damage Insurance

This covers a damaged tow truck irrespective of anyone’s fault. Physical damage insurance covers any damage due to accidents or disasters. You will get collision protection if the truck face damage due to collision with other vehicles. Furthermore, you will get comprehensive protection in case of an Act of God, like fire, storm, earthquake, or other natural calamities.

Garage Keepers liability insurance

The Garage Keepers liability insurance covers your tow truck and your business if any customer’s vehicle sustains major damage while it was on your property. However, the catch is Garage Keepers liability is not included in the normal liability policy. Hence, if your garage catches fire and your client’s car sustains damage, you won’t get any protection if you don’t have a garage keepers policy.

On-hook coverage

The on-hook insurance policy covers the cost of repairing any on-hooked car while it was in transit. In such a case, the customer holds the driver or the business owner responsible. Damages that the on-hook policy covers include theft, explosion, collision, fire, etc. However, you won’t get coverage for personal vehicles, antique cars, or boats.

Benefits of tow truck insurance in North Dakota

Insurance policies are like a shield to protect you from uninvited risks on-road and off-road. Running a tow truck business is profitable since no one like sudden car breakdowns in the midway. Due to these reasons, car owners in North Dakota rely on tow truck companies, but guaranteeing smooth work all the time is next to impossible. Hence, if your tow truck or business faces any loss, our insurance policies will-

  • Cover the 3rd party damage, like physical or property damage.
  • Cover personal injuries.
  • Protect you and your business in case the car owner files a case against you.
  • Pay for the medical costs.

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Cities we cover

We ensure protection for all tow truck drivers and owners in North Dakota. Our services are available in these North Dakota cities.

FargoWest FargoJamestown
Grand ForksDickinsonWahpeton
MinotDevils LakeValley City
Waterford CityMinot AFB

Cost of tow truck insurance

Various factors are responsible for determining the premium of a tow truck. The state and particular territories decide the rates; however, other factors are there.

  • Types of tow trucks- Depending on the tow trucks you own, the company decides the coverage premium. An insurance company will cover wheel-lift, rollback, auto transporter, etc.
  • Type of operation- If your company deals with repossession, you have to deal with bigger risks. Hence, your premium amount will be more compared to others.
  • Background of the drivers- Similar to personal car insurance, tow truck insurance providers asks for certain background detail of the drivers (age, experience, MVR, etc.). Drivers with poor records get insurance on paying high premium rates.

Whether you drive a rollback carrier in Mandan or multiple underlift wreckers in Dickinson, with us you get the best insurance policy suitable for your business. Connect with us over a call or mail us regarding your insurance needs in North Dakota and get free quotes!


How can I apply for a tow truck insurance policy?

Depending on your business size and the number of trucks you own we will suggest the best coverage for you. Hence, you can directly call us, and we will direct you regarding the process.

How can I get a free quote?

You can directly call us or message us. Alternatively, you can submit the online form, and we will get back to you.

Do I get additional benefits on choosing you?

Yes, we offer special add-ons and benefits with the insurance policies to our clients.

What are the different types of coverage I get in North Dakota?

At Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance, we include physical damage, primary liability, garagekeepers, on-hook, etc.

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