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Tow Truck Insurance Rochester: Cost That Suits Your Truck Business

Is your tow truck business insured?

If not, let us help you insure your business today by making the process seamless.

Get a tow truck insurance plan for your towing business at our Rochester tow truck insurance agency. We are here to help you get the most affordable Tow Truck Insurance in Rochester. An unbeatable cost that offers total coverage for your business without leaving any loose ends.

Request for quoteWe are Minnesota Tow Truck insurance, which is one of the oldest insurance providers in this region. We have seen many businesses fade away because they never cared to insure their business. However, one main reason why people steered clear from insuring their tow truck business is the price tag that came along with it.

Tow truck insurance company RochesterAnd that is what we have vowed to change.

With our Rochester Towing & Recovery Insurance, you will have an all-in coverage of your business that includes protection from monetary as well as legal repercussions. We aim to provide you with insurance packages tailored to your business needs. With our customized packages, you can have an insurance plan that fits your business model along with your annual expenses.

Here at Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance, we thrive with the motto, “Maximum Service, Minimum Amount”.

For the last 39 years, we were often hailed as the best and in-budget Tow Truck insurance provider in Rochester, and the title took decades to come under-recognition.  Years of hard work tailored insurance plans for hundreds of businesses, and a dedicated client service record is what it takes to become a favorite.

Not only did our business grow on the papers, but we also managed to make a permanent place in the heart of our clientele across Minnesota, U.S.A.

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Rochester Tow Truck Insurance: Protecting Businesses for Decades

Tow truck insurance agency in RochesterTo date, we have insured so many businesses that we have lost track of the count.

However, that has never detoured us from our aim. We know how difficult it is for tow truck drivers to handle a massive vehicle while dragging a heavy load on its back.

With our experience, we have learned to grow. We have learned how to address your needs. We have retained everything. From insurance packages to certificates, from specialized coverage to contracts and loans, from loss payee to waiver of subrogation, we have got it covered.

We also offer an increased limit of commercial auto insurance along with on-hook coverage,

Regardless of what you need, we always ensure to help you out and get you out of trouble whenever and wherever you need.

Our experienced agents will ensure that each part of the insurance strategy addresses all your requirements precisely. So while you concentrate on expanding your company, we will focus on keeping it safe.

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Best Tow Truck Insurance Coverage: Our Support Will Remain Unhindered to the End

Tell us about your requirements and needs, and we are all ears. From sorting out the tow truck insurance coverage to sorting out the policies, we will provide you with thorough guidance and direction till you ask for it. Then, in the end, along with you, we will sketch out an insurance policy that matches all your criteria perfectly.

Unlike the other tow truck insurance provider, we aim to safeguard your towing business from any monetary loss. We use our experience to make the life of the business owners as easy as possible.

Throughout the insurance tenure, you will be in charge of your account from the beginning to the end. From time to time, we will keep providing you with recommendations and options aimed to make your business safer.

Why Do You Need Tow Truck Insurance in Rochester?

Accidents are certainly not inevitable, but they are always unpredictable. Emergencies arrive at the most unexpected times.

However, having a quality tow truck insurance provider by your side throughout the journey will give you the tranquility to continue your business without worrying about emergencies.

We are on excellent terms with the most affordable carriers in Rochester, which helps us do business at an affordable price.

We consider our customers a part of our family, and we protect them like our own. When you choose us, you choose the utmost reliability, affordability, and transparency.

Let’s have quick highlights of the service areas that we cater to:

  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage (Full Glass Coverage with Some Carriers)
  • Collision Coverage
  • On-Hook Coverage
  • Garagekeepers Coverage (Garage Keepers)
  • Cargo (Other Than Auto)
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

The MPTA is a group of people that work together to make the world a better place (Minnesota Professional Towing Association). Since the early 1980s, they have used legislative and legal means to defend the rights of towing owners and operators. The MPTA also recommends towing and recovery classes.

What’s still holding you back? Contact Rochester Tow Truck Insurance today, and let us help you protect your business at a reasonable investment.

Request your quote now by completing our online form or calling 952-469-0425. A trusted tow truck agent in Rochester is standing by to assist.

Rochester Tow Truck Insurance Coverage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A tow truck insurance policy includes a variety of protection options. It may also provide coverage for both bodily harm and property damage. Other types of tow truck insurance include accident and comprehensive coverage and theft and fire coverage. We have attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions about tow truck insurance in Rochester to ensure you make an informed decision when acquiring tow truck insurance plans.

Q. How much does it cost to insure one tow truck?

Ans: These elements influence the price of tow truck insurance.

1. The ages and experience of your drivers, as well as their MVRs, may have an impact on your tow truck insurance (or Motor Vehicle Records).

2. Before finalizing your insurance price, an insurance provider will surely inspect your loss-run. Loss-run is a comprehensive record of all the previous claims that your company has faced.

3. Your tow truck insurance costs are affected by the value of your tow trucks, whether wreckers or rollbacks.

4. The insurance carrier will request the year, make, and model of your trucks. Because they need to figure out how much the car is worth.

5. These occupational hazards may arise as a result of the type of your work. So, they will check the type of services you provide. You are a roadside assistance provider, or Towing solely for towing, or you run an auto repair shop.

Q. Which insurance is best for a new truck?

Ans: Commercial auto liability, physical damage coverage, motor truck cargo insurance, garage theft coverage, and on-hook tow truck coverage are all likely to be required. Because each trucker and trailer has a unique circumstance, it’s critical that you work with an agent who specializes in trucking insurance.

Q. Can the personal items be insured inside the truck?

Ans: Absolutely. Many insurers offer the option of including coverage for these goods in their policies. Physical damage coverage is there to cover this.

Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance covers multiple service areas mentioned below:

  1. Tow Truck Insurance Duluth
  2. Tow Truck Insurance Saint Paul
  3. Tow Truck Insurance Bloomington
  4. Tow Truck Insurance in Minneapolis

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