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Tow Truck Insurance Saint Paul: Get Your Business Insured

One might think that getting Tow Truck Insurance in Saint Paul may be an overwhelming task. However, with Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance, you are about to enter a world of flawless and effortless insurance coverage. 

Searching for Tow Truck Insurance Saint Paul? Your search stops here. 

Request for quoteWe specialize in providing general liability and commercial vehicle insurance at Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance. As pioneers in this domain, we have amended the intricacies of federal and state regulation compliance better than our competitors. 

Tow truck insurance company Saint Paul

With our Saint Paul Towing & Recovery Insurance, you can protect your business from the legal and monetary repercussions of underinsurance. 

Whether you are looking for cheap tow truck insurance or low-cost tow truck insurance in Saint Paul, we have you covered. 

At Minnesota Tow Truck Insurance, we believe in providing the “maximum service for the minimum amount.” And this is why we offer the lowest price for Saint Paul tow truck insurance compared to our adversaries. 

We are your go-to people for easy transportation insurance. Be it for tow trucks, car carriers, flatbeds, wreckers, or other commercial vehicles. 

Did you know we also insure auto transporters in Saint Paul?

Our goal is to insure as many tow truck owners as possible at the rate that they deserve. We see a happy face when we save a towing business $10,000 per year. The owners send us referrals. This has resulted in us losing count of the number of towing businesses we write in Minnesota.

We are members of the MPTA (Minnesota Professional Towing Association). They have been protecting the right of towing owners and operators through legislative and legal support since the early 1980s. MPTA also endorses towing and recovery classes. What they do is great for the Minnesota towing industry—keeping you safe. 

Call 952-469-0425 and let us assist you in choosing a suitable tow truck insurance policy. 

Work with the Best Tow Truck Insurance Coverage Service Provider in Saint Paul

The best tow truck insurance company in Saint PaulAs a tow truck driver, you must face more than a fair share of risks each time you sit behind the wheels. However, our industry-specific insurance options make it affordable for everyone to stop worrying about any vehicle damage and instead focus on themselves.

Our motto is to keep your driver and your business protected while ensuring your tow truck is protected against damages such as accidents or hauls.

We will help you achieve the best transportation insurance at the most affordable rate. Over the years, we have worked with many tow truck insurance companies, so we are well aware of the risks that truckers face. 

All our agents are professionals who will narrow down from the numerous insurance plans & carriers to that one perfect option that will help you get precisely what you need. 

We Are There With You In Every Step

Finding Saint Paul Tow Truck Insurance for your business can be overwhelming. This is why our agents will assist you in finding suitable tow truck insurance coverage that perfectly fits your needs. 

We are professionals in protecting your towing business and finding you the right insurance. We specialize in making insurance easy for everyone. Our agents will be there to help you at every step and turn, thanks to their extensive understanding of the market.

You will get to choose your coverage limits to ensure you are not underinsured or opting for coverage that your business doesn’t need. 

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Insurance Coverages Tailored for Your Business: Saint Paul Tow Truck Insurance

Being a business owner, you know about the endless risks associated with a towing business better than anyone. 

This is why we have kept a long list of coverage plans. However, you can also avail of a customized insurance plan that precisely addresses your risks. 

From general liability insurance to flatbed insurance, from commercial auto insurance to wrecker insurance and car carrier and, we have the answers. Our seasoned operatives can help you find the best Saint Paul Towing & Recovery Insurance that perfectly suits your needs. 

Being a part of the transportation industry, you must have witnessed how St. Paul insurance plans skyrocketed over the years. However, despite the surge, we cover as many tow truck businesses as possible without disrupting the company’s bankroll. 

We are connected to trusted commercial automobile insurance carriers locally and from around the country. In addition, we stay updated with the best Saint Paul tow truck insurance plans. 

Our goal is to become a true insurance partner who doesn’t drain their customer’s bank accounts but instead provides them with holistic coverage to make them feel safe. 

Here at Minnesota tow truck insurance, we offer coverage such as: 

  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage (Full Glass Coverage with Some Carriers) 
  • Collision Coverage
  • On-Hook Coverage
  • Garagekeepers Coverage (Garage Keepers)
  • Cargo (Other Than Auto)
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

All Saint Paul Towing & Recovery Insurance is Subject to Federal and State Regulations.

We know the many state and federal regulations that tow trucks need to follow. After serving for so many years in the transportation industry, we learned almost everything we need to know about the laws. 

Our experts will help you go through the insurance plans, cover the federal and state regulations, and analyze the methods to find gaps. Whether for your tow truck or the government, we want to cover every gap to protect you from financial losses. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Call us today at 952-469-0425, or fill out our online form.

Request for quoteThen, start saving money and get specialized coverage with our industry-specific insurance options. 

Tow Truck Insurance Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- What kind of insurance do I need for a tow truck?

Ans:- Every tow truck and recovery vehicle must carry liability insurance in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Typically, tow truck insurance is a combination of commercial auto insurance and general liability insurance. Then a few specialized coverages can be added—quality insurance coverages like on-hook, garage keepers, cargo insurance, and a commercial umbrella. 

Q- How much does it cost to insure a tow truck?

Ans:- Approximately $3,500 to $7,000 per year for a single tow truck used for basic roadside and recovery towing. This also applies to contract towing and auto transport. Numerous factors are involved when calculating the rates. Things like the year, make, model, and value of your tow truck. In addition, factors like driving record, claim history (loss runs), coverages selected, and location is all considered.

Q-Why is tow truck insurance so expensive?

Ans:- Large claims can result from operating big towing and recovery vehicles. You can expect the best price on your Minnesota tow truck insurance cost

Q- Is owning a tow truck profitable in Saint Paul?

Ans:- Yes, it can be. There are several expenses: the truck, fuel, employees, insurance, and truck maintenance. We aim to bring you the best tow truck insurance plan at the lowest possible rate. 

In the very beginning, insurance can be costly. Working together, we will help you keep the insurance cost under control.


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  2. Tow Truck Insurance Minneapolis
  3. Tow Truck Insurance Bloomington
  4. Tow Truck Insurance in Rochester

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