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Owning a tow truck or running a tow truck business is rewarding and perilous at the same time. However, determining the starting point can be a hustle, especially regarding insurance. Hence, getting tow truck insurance in South Dakota is best for your peace of mind. Tow truck operators and the owners are responsible for protecting the drivers, customers, and the towed vehicles. However, you cannot guarantee that there won’t be any shortcomings or mishaps midway. In such scenarios, the tow truck insurances come in handy and help in taking some liabilities off your shoulder.

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Besides, running tow trucks without insurance equals having four walls without a roof. Insurance will protect your tow truck on and off-road. Therefore, confirm your company’s requirement to apply for the ideal coverage. Our team of professionals will guide you and customize a policy package best suited for your tow trucks.

Cost of tow truck insurance coverage

Not every tow truck business is identical and needs different coverages to shield from unseen threats. A few factors determine the total cost of tow truck insurance. We look for these factors before recommending any tow truck insurance policy.

  • Claim history
  • Your tow truck (model and year)
  • Number of trucks
  • Location
  • Tow radius
  • Duration of your business
  • Type of towing your business is involved with.

Types of insurance coverage we offer

Each truck operator in South Dakota must apply for third-party insurance coverage to prevent any setbacks (property and physical damages). A tow truck insurance company in South Dakota offers exclusive insurance policies to protect your business from unanticipated mishaps. Check below the types of coverage you can get from us.

  • Primary liability- If any person incurs injury or serious damage due to a tow truck accident, our Primary Liability will provide coverage in such cases. Every state and federal agency mandated this coverage for tow truck owners.
  • Extensive physical damage with collision coverage- With this insurance coverage, you can fix, replace, or repair any damage in your tow truck caused due to the Act of God, like fire, windstorm, hailstorm, earthquake, and flood. Besides, it will also cover damage due to collision, vandalism, and theft.
  • General liability- General Liability insurance coverage will protect your business if a product sustains damage due to your fault while on your premises.
  • On-hook / In-tow- The on-hook or in-tow protects the client’s car while you tow it. If anything happens to the car during this process, the on-hook insurance will cover you.
  • Wrongful Repo- This insurance coverage protects your business, especially if you do repossession. Illegally repossessing a car can get you in trouble, and the Wrongful Repo insurance will cover you in such cases.

Why is insurance required for tow trucks in South Dakota?

Tow truck insurance handles risks and the expenses associated with truck accidents or other hazards in South Dakota. Furthermore, it is also useful for professional drivers and tow truck business owners to work tension-free. Besides, insurance is vital irrespective of whether you work for someone or independently. Here are a few advantages of tow truck insurance.

  • Pays for the 3rd party costs (body damage or property damage).
  • Pays for any personal injuries or property damages.
  • Shields the owner from legal actions taken by the accident victim.
  • Covers the medical costs.
  • Pays for the freight damage.

SOUTH DAKOTA TOW TRUCK INSURANCE provides businesses and owners with affordable tow truck insurance policies. Contact us for more details and free quotes!

Cities we cover in South Dakota

Our extensive tow truck insurance coverage covers every South Dakota truck owner. We offer our services to these South Dakota cities.


Sioux Falls


Rapid City










Box Elder


Rapid Valley
















Belle Fourche






North Sioux City






Dakota Dunes


Final words

Owner-operated, motor carrier, or private carrier- no matter what you are searching for, we offer the best insurance coverage for tow trucks. Call us today or mail us to learn more about truck insurance in South Dakota and get your quote!



How do you determine the risk factors?

The towing insurance’s premium depends on location, operation hours, and safety programs.

Is it compulsory to protect my tow truck?

Yes, it is necessary to protect your tow trucks to safeguard yourself from unseen hazards.

Will I get any additional advantages with your company?

Our premium amount is comparatively less than other companies in South Dakota.

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